Güzide Restaurant

Güzide Restaurant

Güzide Restaurant

Each flavor has its own rhythm.
We started our own flavor journey with Güzide  

We set out with the idea of creating a refined space that would both inspire its name and reflect unorthodox emotions and tastes into its soul.

The place on this journey was the Güzide Restaurant, which coincided with its name, combining the touches of ‘distinguished atmosphere’ ‘featured view’, ‘selected taste’ under the same roof.

Endless thanks to Güzide on this journey that adds its name and soul…

‘Güzide’ in one breath

The Güzide Restaurant caters to your palates with its seasonal menus consisting of local and fresh ingredients, its modern presentation, outstanding wine cellar, its experienced service team, while enjoying the view of the Gulf of Izmir..

The open terrace, which brings you one step closer to the Aegean Sea and breeze and feels like you are at the dock, welcomes you with its vibrant and energetic appearance.

The smell of the sea in the air, the unique flavors of the Aegean at your table and the sunset beckons you in the evening.

The Essence Of Each Material Is The Yield Of Its Own Soil, The Abundance Of Its Own Sea, The Smell Of Its Own Air

‘Güzide’ kitchen

For appealing to the eye and then to the palates, the kitchen in Güzide was designed in accordance with the open kitchen concept which is the trend of recent days.

Accompanied by international and cultural cuisines, meals turn into both a visual feast and a flavor festival.

Another innovative claim that you will witness in the Güzide cuisine is the ‘dry-aged’ cabinet that you will not encounter in every restaurant in Izmir. The only thing that falls to you in this detail is to like steaks from steaks.

We Learned The Taste From Our Traditions, Blended It With Our Own Essence, Presented It With A Fresh Perspective.

‘Güzide tastes

Güzide surprises and spoils the taste world of its guests in four seasons by creating awareness with variable menus and presentations and the only taste that does not change here is the outstanding flavors of Aegean cuisine, which has been a symbol of abundance and abundance for centuries. Aegean herbs, fresh and seasonally cooked fish and seafood are a must in our menu.

Also after mixing and marinating natural meats rested with different local flavors with special techniques, the oven and Grill varieties give you a distinguished dining experience in Güzide

If you prefer a light dinner Güzide Restaurant combines local cheese plates, fresh Aegean appetizers and warm alternatives that are suitable for your wine, and thus it is always a candidate to be in the memory with its seasonal menus and modern presentation.

The Güzide Restaurant offers you the key to an elite and refined life. We invite guests to Rudis Deluxe Hotel to crown the flavor experience with a simple and stylish stay.

The Rudis Deluxe Hotel, under the same roof as the Güzide Restaurant, is a fairy-tale life dominated by blue and green in the image, the sound of waves in your ear, the moonlight and stars that illuminate your night in the background. Feeling relieved, rested and refreshed here may not be your preference, but just your way of life.


To add awareness to your special days such as birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, you can celebrate these special moments with a romantic and elegant dinner in the magical setting of the eminent restaurant and end your night here with a bright stay experience.

We are waiting for those who want to explore the world with another eye, to enjoy life, to enjoy each hour of the day separately and to take out all the colors in it.

'Güzide' Location

Güzide Restoran

​Limanreis Mah. Ata Sok. No: 2
Narlıdere / İzmir
Tel: 0 232 2340034
Gsm: 0 552 5505108

Rudis Deluxe Hotel

Limanreis Mah. Ata Sok.
No: 2
Narlıdere / İzmir

Tel: 0 232 2340101
Gsm: 0 552 5505108


Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday – Friday

09:00 - 11:00 Breakfast

12:00 - 23:00 Lunch and Dinner


Saturday – Sunday

09:00 - 13:00 Breakfast

12:00 - 23:00 Launch and Dinner

A 'Güzide' Look

Our   Kitchen